"In our core, we know that in order to be engaged parents, it's necessary for whole-body health to be considered."

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We want parents feeling confident and prepared to head into birth, and in turn head into their parenting journeys. This requires access to community resources whenever they are in need, whether that is mentally, physically, or financially. We bridge the gap to the resources and offer exceptional care to our clients.


We founded MMC from a group of passionate doulas. We saw the need in our community for better access to quality doula care and support. We offer professional support services for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We also have an online retail shop that focuses on maternal wellness products. Our shop consists of Canadian Artisan makers who are all women in business pursuing their own dreams and passions.


We have set up a Maternal Wellness Fund that 5% from of all of our service packages and products go into. From the fund we are able to offer doula support, childbirth education, lactation services, and community events and programs to families who would otherwise not be able to afford them. This makes it easy for our clients to give back in a way that brings the village mentality into our birth and parenting community.