Support during the fourth trimester.

Helping to establish new normals and gentle transitions for the first three months postpartum (and beyond), The Momma Village doulas offer in person and virtual support. Newborn care, sleep education, lactation and feeding support, as well as light housekeeping, and meal preparation are all available to you during this special time of getting to know your new baby. Overnight support is also available so you can get the sleep you need.




$349 + HST

This package includes:

10 hours of support  (personal, child, and home care)

Text and email support


$649 + HST

This package includes:

20 hours of support (personal, child, and home care)

Text and email support


Self Care

$899 + HST

This package includes:

30 hours of support (personal, child, and home care)

Text and email support

Copy of overnight support (2).png

OverNight Support

$250 + HST

8 hours of overnight postpartum support

“I believe hiring a doula was one of the best decisions of my life. As thorough as I thought I’d been in researching all things pregnancy and labour, having a doula eased the biggest component that can’t be predicted - the level of FEAR I had. Every step of the way Toni was there for me. She was informative in the most clear and concise way. She was so very supportive without being intrusive of any decision making. I will say that it is because of her that I didn’t doubt myself or my body and kept to my birth plan (as much as possible!) My husband was actually pretty hesitant at the idea of hiring a doula, but once he met Toni his mind was changed. For a first time mom, my labour experience was as smooth as it was because of her and my decision to hire a doula. If I’m lucky enough to have a second child, I would continue to utilize this amazing resource that is Toni!”

-Danielle and Giancarmen Carrieri