Looking for a fun earth day craft? Collect some foliage and grab some
air-dry clay! Earth friendly, fun and easy.
Terra cotta is a type of clay that easily absorbs oils making a perfect
diffuser for essential oils. Diffusing essential oils can be very beneficial
for you and they make excellent natural air fresheners!

This craft
project is easy enough for kids to help out and makes a wonderful
homemade gift all year long.

DIY Baby Wipe Spray

DIY Baby Wipe Spray

The most common brands of baby wipes have ingridients such as  parabens, fragrances, and skin irritants that some babies may be sensitive to. After I gave birth I decided to forgo packaged wipes altogether. I went into my kitchen and started concocting all sorts of baby wipe sprays.

Holiday Maker Spotlight - Moonstone Momma Campaign

Holiday Maker Spotlight - Moonstone Momma Campaign

The second annual "Moonstone Momma" Fundraiser is underway. Facilitated by MMC Momma Amy, the fundraiser originated as a way to support parents on Antenatal bed rest after a 10 week stay at Victoria Hospital in 2015.  

Photos: Lokal Digs & Toni Nichole Photos

Holiday Maker Spotlight- Kim Dunn

Customizable, quality, handcrafted wood teethers and toys are what your will find when you visit The Little Tree Company's online shop. 

Just in time for the Holiday Season, Kim (Collingwood resident and Momma of two) has created a sweet little special for the Mountain Momma community.

Lavender Name Teether 25$ + HST:



Using untreated, naturally antibacterial wood, Kim will create a name customized, easy grip ring teether with a choice of 4 colour schemes that is available to order from now until December 14th. The teether includes a container of *optional use* lavender infused oil to use as needed when extra comforting is required for your little. 

A special and practical gift for both parents and babes alike!

"All my products are both SAFE and FUN for your babies to use. 
Everything I make is free of BPA, Phthalates, Lead, Metals, and other harmful chemicals that are often used to manufacture toys. I use untreated wood, which is NATURALLY ANTIBACTERIAL, and I preserve it by using a combination of bees wax and coconut oil. I am happy to provide alternative methods of preservation if requested (olive oil, avocado oil, or simply leave it untreated). 
I also use silicone beads, which are FDA approved and made of 100% food grade silicone and completely: non-toxic, BPA, PVC, Mercury and Lead free.
Also, by special request (and depending on availability) I am happy to discuss the option of making a custom piece for you or your loved one.
No two pieces are identical. Everything is uniquely handmade and can be customized with whatever shapes or colours your little one likes!
I put a lot of love and care into my products, and everything is rigorously tested to meet high quality standards."

Check out some special teethers Kim has created for us on The MMC Shop HERE


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