MMC is ONE this month and we want to know - What does MMC mean to you?

 As doulas, we nurture the Nurturer: YOU! To celebrate our birthday, we are giving away SEVEN Mountain Momma Collective  ~Nurture~  botanical bottles. 

These tiny beauties are filled with flowers and crystals chosen specifically for busy mommas who need a little reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Layered with love, these bottles include:

  • Jasmine: love, relaxation, self-confidence, meditation
  • Lavender: calming, nurturing, love, sleep, peace, connection
  • Rose: opens the heart, love, protection
  • Clear quartz- reduces stress, improves awareness, intuition, confidence, enhances healing, relaxation, purifies
  • Rose quartz- the stone of love and harmony, unconditional love, raises self esteem, balance


But what do I do with it?

Intention bottles are meant to be used as a visual representation of something you intend to do! Wear it, carry it, or set it on a cute self. 

MMC has set the intention for you this time:"I feel & embody love; as I nurture others, I also nurture myself.”

A sweet little reminder that you deserve some nurturing, too!


So, how could I win one?

We are looking for a better understanding of how the public understands our business, and ways Which we can improve on ensuring our message is clear.

Simply list 3 words below that pop into your head when you think about Mountain Momma Collective. If you are new to the MMC community, have a quick peek at our Website, Facebook Page, or Instagram, and choose your words below based off your inital understanding of what Mountain Momma Collective is. 

We are putting together something pretty nifty with the words ( all anonymous, of course!) Don't miss out on the fun. Submit your words below for your chance to WIN one of the 7 Nurture bottles.

Make sure you comment DONE on the originial Facebook or Instagram post about this giveaway so we see your submission!

Contest closes May 11th at 9 PM EST.

7 Winners will be randomly selected.

Spoil the Nurturer in your life... join MMC at Side Launch Brewery this Sunday from 11- 4pm. We will have play dough for the babes, and a fun craft, too!

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