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Prenatal Event "Birth Day Prep"

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Supporting you in an evidence based, continuous care model of birth preparation, this prenatal event includes:

|Prenatal 1- " Hospital Birth Preparation":

In this fun, informative, and interactive class you'll learn the ins and outs of preparing for a hospital birth. 
Topics will include what to expect when you show up in triage, what happens when you are admitted, how to communicate your preferences to hospital staff, and how to navigate the hospital system to ensure you have a positive and informed birth experience.

| Prenatal 2- "Birth Partner Preparation":

Is your partner unsure of what to expect when your go into labour? Are you nervous that your partner won't know what you need? Come to this interactive class to learn about all the ways your partner can learn to be the best support possible. 
Topics include effective communication during labour, comfort measures for different stages of labour, and how building a "Birth Team" with professional and continuous support leads to the best outcomes for the birthing person, babies, AND partners.

Mountain Momma Comfort Gift:

A special gift from MMC to support you in your birth and postpartum preparation. 

50$ per bump (this price is inclusive of yourself, and one additional support person to attend the event )

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