Breastfeed with Love | A prenatal Breastfeeding class|

Investment: 35$ + HST Per Bump ( Includes bringing one support person) Morning refreshment + treat.

Date: April 14th, 2018 9:30am-12pm

Location: Barrie, location sent with registration confirmation.

Breastfeeding is a skill that takes time and patience to learn. This class is for expecting people and support persons preparing to breast/chest feed their baby.

MMC's prenatal class " Breastfeed With Love" will speak to the health benefits of the breastfeeding parent and baby, the anatomy of the breast, what hunger cues area, how to initiate breastfeeding, positioning and latch, and bonding with your baby through feeding with love.  

This class will leave you feeling confident in your ability to feed your baby from birth.

Facilitator: Emma, registered midwife, lactation consultant, and childbirth educator with more than a decade of experience with pregnant and postpartum women and their families. 

Special gift from the MMC shop at the end of class!

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Fourth Trimester Circle| A NeW Baby Support Group |

A small group series lead by Emma, registered midwife, lactation consultant, and childbirth educator with more than a decade of experience with pregnant and postpartum women and their families.

Investment: 125$ + HST Includes refreshment + treat.

Date: 4 week sessions running monthly; March | April | May

Location: Barrie, location sent with registration confirmation.


This small circle series encourages weekly connection & an open and safe space for discussing postpartum topics; it is a new baby support circle.

Week One

Birth stories: get to know your new friends and littles while sharing your birth story. Wading through the many feelings that labour and birth can bring up in a safe space can be another step in your postpartum healing journey.

Week Two

What is the theory of the 4th trimester and how can we use it to our advantage in creating a secure attachment with our littles. From frequent skin-to-skin contact to wearing your baby, we discuss ways to help nurture that important bond between your baby and their first true love - you! Baby massage using handmade lotion bars for your little one will be taught this week.

Week Three

Feeding with love - lets talk all things latch and letdown. All forms of feeding will be discussed including supplementing and bottle feeding. Come with your questions and enjoy sharing in your feeding journey.

Week Four

Body Love, taking care of yourself postpartum. This class focuses on the importance of a daily self care routine in the postpartum for both physical and mental health. We discuss healing your tissues from any type of birth and how to help your pelvic floor recover from pregnancy and birth.


*Special end of series gift from MMCs shop!

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Prepare for. labour, birth and postpartum in the comfort of home. 

I didn’t know what a doula was until a month before the birth of our son. After our first meeting with Kat, my wife and I knew immediately we wanted her to be with us in the hospital for the birth of our son. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made! We had such a wonderful experience working with her. Looking back, I don’t think we would have been able to achieve everything we had set out in our birth plan without her. Her knowledge, professionalism, encouragement, positivity, and unwavering support throughout the entire process was remarkable. Her postpartum visits were extremely valuable and helped us immensely in our new roles as parents. Kat, we cannot thank you enough! ~ Mark and Aleisha