Momma Musings.

col·lec·tive/ kəˈlektiv//adjective

  • done by people acting as a group.

Thoughts, Inspiration, and advice   from one momma to another. 

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Momma Contributors:

Momma Musings are stories of people, their families, and professionals of our parenting and birth community. We are a collective of individuals with the common interest of sharing our daily lives to inspire, relate, and create community. 

MMC wants to share your story. Contribute to the collective through a first person narrative on any topic that makes your Momma heart sing; parenting, work, relationships, pregnancy, and products, we want down to earth, uncensored stories of your life and all the moments in between. Not sure what to write? Start with a letter to your little. A simple journaling or letter writing exercise daily helps with writers block . Writing a story should be simple and from the heart!


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