What are the benefits of a water birth?

Water is one of the most effective natural pain relievers. Your Maternal Support Practitioner (doula) will likely recommend a shower or bath at some point during your labour.


Speed up Labour

Three out of five research studies have shown that women who gave birth in water had a shorter First Stage of labour, compared to women who had land births.


Significant Pain Relief

Studies have shown that in some cases, water immersion may be even more effective than an epidural and without any of the side effects of narcotics.


Decrease Episiotomies

Studies have shown that giving birth in water is less likely to result in 2nd degree tears, and better rates of birthing on an intact perineum.

Birth Tub Rentals Barrie

Your rental includes:

Birth pool 

Disposable liner

Disposable shower curtain for floor

Lead-free, eco-friendly filling hose

Tap adapter

Air pump

Floating thermometer

Disinfecting wipes

Draining and take down service

Instruction manual

Rental period starts at >37 weeks.


Consider adding on:

Disposable heat-loss reduction cover


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website birth package headers (20).png

Consider adding on:

Set-up of birth pool and consult on usage


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